Ode to a Dead Glow Beetle

At night I lay my head to rest and note the micro-lamp below

My desk that shines green as nature and strikes wonder with every glow

I see your little spark of sunlight captured on the tiles

And sleep my deep slumber of apehood with your last act a gift of smiles

In the morning ‘ere I wake

I do a double take

You are no longer living

As life is unforgiving

I busy myself in the waking hours with the things us humans must

Consumed by emotional distress and what little pleasures we can trust

At night I lay my head to rest and just before I close my eyes

Your little glow-in-the-dark butt shines brightly despite your earlier demise

Was it your life’s effervescence

That’s responsible for your post-mortem incandescence?

Did you love so much in your beetle way

That your glow remained after your judgement day?

Was your life so full and rich

That death himself could not hit the off-switch?

I hope that I could learn from you and your shining rear

That in the years which find me both productive and long

When my family put me in the kiln and my body is no longer here

That my life was lived full like yours, so much so, I still keep a light on

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