Going somewhere is hard. We are held captive by well-worn couches and streaming services. Why would we leave the comfort of our homes? It is insane. There are all sorts of things out there that want to hurt your feelings. Inside is safe. It’s cheap. Mom knows where you are. You can wear mismatched socks without fear of reprisal. Archaeologists conduct digs for old peanuts in your navel. Your semi-moist gut can sway in the wind. Only the Internet Barons know what you are doing indoors. You are obliged to hide behind screens. Why would you escape this extraordinary comfort? Why on Earth would you?

I understand this. It is getting harder and harder to live outside. Whenever we read articles about the great outdoors it is written by people who sweat some expensive lavender isotope and whose dogs never vomit on the good furniture. We don’t enjoy travel writing anymore for one simple reason: it is not real. These publications tell us that our lives should be full. We strive for what others say should complete our inner circles of meaning. However, at the end of the day, we can’t help but go to sleep feeling empty.

I hope to fix that. This is a holistic approach to travel. In these hallowed digital halls, I hope to treat every experience for what it is: a journey. This will be a travel blog where the term “travel” will be given its loosest definition. There must always be grit under your finger nails when you go somewhere. Every outdoor pursuit, every poorly planned holiday needs to leave you breathless and a little bit smelly. You travel as much through your experiences as you do out your front door.

As a result, there will be a little bit of everything in here. Think of it as the potlach of travel blogs. A big table of steamy bits which you can pile on your plate. Some of it will be a little whiffy. Other bits will wobble to the touch. From training for an event to long and sumptuous travel journals, it will all be in here. This will be a curated collection of pieces as much about travel to the top of a mountain as to your fridge at 3am.

There will also be naughty words.

So, step out of your skin for a while. Breathe in the world and smell it for what it is. Together we can figure it all out: what should make life full.



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